AOTEAマヌカハニー300+ MGO (80g) Mānuka Honey
AOTEAマヌカハニー300+ MGO (80g) Mānuka Honey
  • 画像をギャラリービューアに読み込む, AOTEAマヌカハニー300+ MGO (80g) Mānuka Honey
  • 画像をギャラリービューアに読み込む, AOTEAマヌカハニー300+ MGO (80g) Mānuka Honey

AOTEAマヌカハニー300+ MGO (80g) Mānuka Honey

税込価格   配送料は購入手続き時に計算されます。






【ご使用方法】 そのままスプーン一杯分程をゆっくり舐める。白湯やお好きな温かい飲み物のお砂糖代わりに、トーストやヨーグルト、お料理の隠し味や香りのアクセントにも。

【内容量】 80g

【原材料】 マヌカハニー(ニュージーランド産)

【原産国】 ニュージーランド

【注意事項】 自然由来の原料を使用しているため、質感、香りや色など若干変わることがありますが、品質には問題ございません。 低温ではハチミツ内の糖類が結晶化することありますが、品質が低下しているわけではありません。 加熱処理していませんので1歳未満の乳児には与えないで下さい。

This Manuka Honey is produced useing ethical, environmentally-friendly methods on the isolated island of Aotea. All Aotea honey is 'raw' honey with no pasteurization or added ingredients.

Aotea Manuka Honey is some of the purest, highest quality Manuka honey in New Zealand thanks to the dense covering of Manuka low-growing trees. There is minimal farming/horticulture on the island meaning all Aotea Honey is chemical free, too!

The taste and texture of Aotea's honey can vary depending on which hive or area it came from, and the year of production. That's one of the reasons why Aotea doesn't mix honey from other regions and each spoonful of Aotea honey is packed with the flavour of the island's unique natural environment, 

Aotea Manuka honey comes in dark glass jars which help keep the honey fresh while being kind to the environment.  

How to use: enjoy a spoonful by itself, stir into hot water or your favourite hot drink in place of sugar, spread on toast, mix into yoghurt or use to add a subtle sweetness and flavour to cooking. 

Contents: 80g

Ingredients: Manuka honey (New Zealand)

Country of origin: New Zealand

Notes: This is 100% natural product. Natural variations in texture, scent and colour may occur. These do not affect product quality. The sugar in honey crystallizes at low temperatures but this does not affect product quality. Aotea honey is a raw honey - no heat is used in the production process. Do not give to infants under 1 year old.