【Outlet】AOTEAカワカワバーム30ml -  Kawakawa Balm
【Outlet】AOTEAカワカワバーム30ml -  Kawakawa Balm
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 【Outlet】AOTEAカワカワバーム30ml -  Kawakawa Balm
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 【Outlet】AOTEAカワカワバーム30ml -  Kawakawa Balm

【Outlet】AOTEAカワカワバーム30ml - Kawakawa Balm

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【肌悩み】 ◎乾燥 ◎肌荒れ



*1 マクロピペルエクセルスム葉エキス:肌保護成分、保湿成分 
*2 ギョリュウバイ枝/葉油:肌保護成分、整肌成分、保湿成分

【マオリハーブ】マヌカ カワカワ

【香り】 森を感じるウッディハーバルの香り


【容量】 30ml




This multi-purpose balm helps to prevent skin irritation and restore skin's natural oil/water balance.

Kawakawa Leaf (Macropiper excelsum) penetrates deep into the skin to help prevent irritation. Aotea harvest all their Kawakawa leaves and use a specially developed method to refine the leaves into this balm. All of Aotea's skincare products are made from herbs traditionally used by New Zealand/Aotearoa's Maori people. 

How to use: Massage a small amount of balm into irritated or problem areas of skin. Can be used anywhere on the body. Suitable for all ages. 

Ingredients: almond oil, Beeswax, Macropiper excelsum leaf extract (Kawakawa), Manuka oil. 

Country of origin: New Zealand/Aotearoa